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Dual Controller
Dual Controller
Dual Controller
Dual Controller
Play arcade games on your PC or game console MAME compatible
Dual Controller
Dual Controller
Dual Controller

Dual Controller

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Remember the old games like Galaga™, Frogger™, Pac Man™, Dig Dug™, Double Dragon™, Street FighterII™, Donkey Kong™? What if you could relive all those games and many more again!? Well you can with the X-Arcade Dual Controller! 

The old games were the most fun! What if you could play all those games and more on your home PC or Xbox™Xbox360™, PS2/3/4™, Wii™, Gamecube™ and even MACS! The X-Arcade was designed by arcade enthusiasts who are true lovers of the arcade experience. It was built for those who want to experience the old nostalgia of playing those old school games again.

This joystick is molded from a real arcade panel, if you want to step back into the past and experience it all over again, then buy yourself an X-Arcade Controller. With authentic arcade wood and industry standard components it feels and plays just like the top of a arcade unit, it is built to withstand button smashing, fist pounding arcade action! Customers claim "It feels like it has been ripped off the top of an arcade machine and plugged into my PC."

The X-Arcade controller even has side buttons for pinball action to be played on it! Yes you can play all the classic pinball games of old on this unit also with emulators such as PINMAME! This unit also has fully programmable buttons so you can assign your functions, for any game or style of play. Use the X-Arcade on any game console such as XBox™, PS1/2/3/4™, GameCube™,Wii™, DreamCast™, PC and even APPLE MAC™ Simply purchase a game console adaptor from $44.95ea and it will transform your game console to a arcade centre piece!

This is arguably the best controller available on the market, it is so good in fact it is listed as a official controller for MAME32 under 'Options/ Default Game Options/ Controllers/ Select the drop arrow and choose the XArcade controller' then Apply and Save.

The X-Arcade was built with internal electronics that will be compatible with future game console systems if you wish to get another adapter, simply order one online, when they are available ( not long after the release of the new console ) This controller is for life! What's Included: X-Arcade Dual Controller

  • FREE USB Adapter
  • New Tri-Mode Zero Lag encoder
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee ( No Questions asked )
  • Online Live Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty* on Parts
'Joust™, Gauntlet™,SmashTV™,Rampage™,Defender™ and Robotron™
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No questions asked!
  • Lifetime Warranty*
  Yes we honor the XGaming Warranty, don't forget to register your product! Many people are now using this controller to make their very own Arcade MAME Machines as it's very simple just plug and play!