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PS2 to Xbox360 Converter
PS2 to Xbox360 Converter

PS2 to Xbox360 Converter

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PS2-Xbox 360 Adapter Use Any PS2 Game Controller On 360 This nifty adapter allows you to take any of your existing Playstation 2 game controllers, wheels, arcade joysticks and more to work on the Xbox 360™. If you have a favorite Playstation 2 game controller or PS2 accessory, this is a great way to use that device on your Xbox 360™. Ideal for fighting game sticks! Use Any Playstation 2 Device On Your 360 Dominate your favorite fighting titles like MVSC3 Street Fighter IV™ and Tekken 6™ with lighting-fast precision. Annihilate the competition off and online with a lag-free, high-performance adapter. PS2-360™ Adapter Version 3 Requirements (1) PS2-Xbox 360™ Adapter Per Player: (Each Adapter Supports 1 Player) Playstation 2 Game Controller Xbox 360 Game System For X-Arcade Use, You'll Need This Complete Kit Specifications Great For All Fighting Arcade Joysticks: Lag-Free Performance: Wireless Game Controllers are not supported in any capacity This version DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY 360 GAMEPAD TO BE CONNECTED Requires one adapter and one Playstation 2 game controller, arcade joystick or device Adapter may also be used to convert a standard Playstation 2 game controller to control Xbox 360™ titles. For X-Arcade use: you must own an X-Arcade Playstation 2™ or 5in1 Adapter Compatible With All X-Arcade (Including 1st Generation w/PS/2) What's Included
  • Playstation 2 to Xbox 360 Adapter™
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
  • Button Diagram and Instructions