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Playstation 4 compatible arcade adaptor for Tankstick and dual controller x-arcade Australia
PS4 Adapter Full Kit
PS4 Adapter Full Kit

PS4 Adapter Full Kit

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  • How X-Arcade Adapters Work

    The X-Arcade™ is recognized by your console as a regular console gamepad, plug directly between your X-Arcade using the Console Cable included with any X-Arcade and any of the 5 supported game systems. No Console Cable is included with this bundle. See how game console adapters connect here.

  • When you purchased your X-Arcade, it included a game console cable (serial cable). You will need this to connect to your X-Arcade and adapter.   No game console cables are included with X-Arcade adapters. If you lost yours or bought a used X-Arcade and don't have one, you can get here for $9.95

  • Brick Policy

    Unfortunately, this is an unlicensed third-party solution and we cannot guarantee that a future firmware update will not "brick" or make unplayable third-party accessories like our X-Arcade adapter. (