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Arcade2TV Showcase
Arcade2TV Showcase
Arcade2TV Showcase
Arcade controller simply plug into your existing tv via VGA and power to outlet
Arcade2TV Showcase
Arcade2TV Showcase

Arcade2TV Showcase

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Modern Arcade Designed For Nostalgia Powered by a flux-capacitor, get back to the arcade with thousands of arcade classics and relive legends like: Pac-Man,™ Space Invaders,™ Robotron,™ Galaga,™ Joust,™ and Street Fighter™. Towering over alternatives in adaptability and flexibility, your Arcade2TV™ Showcase uses commercial-grade, indestructible components for the most authentic experience imaginable. Use with any HDMI device: TV, HDTV, Monitor, Projector   And don't worry breaking it, it's built like a friggin tank! Look no further for your universal arcade machine. Xgaming backs up its bullet-proof reputation with a lifetime warranty on the buttons, joysticks and trackball plus support for past, present and future game consoles. It's the last arcade game you'll ever need and you may just be buried with it! Your Arcade2TV™ Showcase is compatible with open-source arcade gaming software so it's capable of playing thousands of classic arcade games. Enjoy an authentic arcade experience with a single menu for accessing all your games! Oh yeah, it's also the only arcade machine on the market that can also control up to 10 different game consoles like Xbox 360™, PS3™ and Wii U™. Built-in LED lighting system provides a great party atmosphere as the centerpiece of the ultimate arcade gaming experience. Arcade2TV™ Showcase Benefits Inject Arcade Gaming Into Your Home Gameroom Or Office Break Room Relive Your Favorite Classic Games Future Proof:Worlds only arcade machine compatible with past present and future game consoles Full-sized, Industrial-Grade 3" Trackball For Games Like Marble Madness, Golf and More Play thousands of arcade games! Easily Add Your Own Games - No Quarters Needed Play Existing Game Console Games Through Arcade2TV™ Control System New: Game Console Selector Allows You To Change Between Systems Adjustable LED Side-Lighting System: Through A Single Arcade Cabinet Play Head To Head Fighting, Sports And Arcade Titles Authentic Industrial Cabinet Design - Just Like The Real Thing Includes 225LBS Of High Quality Arcade Machine Parts Powered By The Award Winning X-Arcade Control System With Trackball, 2 Players + Pinball Access Buttons Double Pinball Buttons + Open-Source Software Allows You To Play Original Pinball Games Made In USA Fully-Functional USA Currency Quarter Coin Door: (Not Wired and Not For Commercial Use) Lockable Wheels For Easy Transport Inside Your Home Or Office Lockable Access Panel Tray With Plenty Of Storage Space The Most Upgradeable And Flexible Arcade Machine Available Trackball Only Works On Arcade Classics (which is what it is set to), Not Game Consoles( e,g PS2, XBox etc) What's Included

  • Arcade2TV™ Showcase
  • Control Panel With Double Pinball Buttons And Trackball
  • Embedded Computer; Intel HP
  • Pre-Configured Arcade Software (MAME Rom-Ready)
  • Surround-Speakers With Subwoofer + Easily Accessible Audio Control
  • Iron Door
  • Lockable Keyboard & Gamepad Storage
  • Rear Locking (Vented) Access Panel
  • Interior Pre-Wired Power Management System
  • Accessible Control Panel & Electronics
  • Chrome Kickplate
  • Powder-Coated Pass-Through Audio Speakers Under Panel
  • Storage Area At Base Of Pedestal For Games/Media/Audio
  • Control System For Computer & 3 Game Consoles
  • Industrial-Grade Wheels
  • LED Lighting SystemLifetime Warranty On Joysticks, Buttons, Trackball. 1 Year Computer
  • Simply hook up to your existing via VGA or HDMI