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Glen's Retro Show Push/Pull Arcade Spinner
Glen's Retro Show Push/Pull Arcade Spinner
Glen's Retro Show Push/Pull Arcade Spinner
Glen's Retro Show Push/Pull Arcade Spinner

Glen's Retro Show Push/Pull Arcade Spinner

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Glen's Retro Show Push/Pull Arcade Spinner AVAILABLE MID MARCH 2022 TAKING PRE-ORDERS NOW

Elegant Simplicity: Drop-In To Any X-Arcade

After years and years of scouring the Earth, we're proud to announce availability of the greatest arcade spinner ever made. Buttery smooth, imaginative, lag-free design drops into to any existing X-Arcade, or USB mouse compatible game, computer, or console. Elegant simplicity: A single button is replaced (28MM) and Voila!: 4X the functions: Adds left/right or up/down movement and (2) button functions.

Ultimate Arcade Spinner for Tron And Emulation Games

Plug this innovative and precise authentic spinner into your existing X-Arcade Joystick, X-Arcade Machine, or any USB-compatible arcade project! Works out of the box with any computer (using a USB Cable) and recognized as an X/Y mouse with left and right button functionality activated by push/pull of the spinner. No special drivers required! Elegant Simplicity: A single arcade button is replaced (28MM) and you get 4X the functions: (left, right MOUSE, left, right CLICK.)

      • Supports 20+ Years Of X-Arcade Compatibility: Any X-Arcade Joystick or Machine. Ever.

        For 20+ years, our loyal arcade customers have begged us to produce a commercial-grade spinner to express our Pittsburgh, PA, steel city and coal-mine roots: built to last with an unbreakable, indestructible design. We don’t build plastic, throwaway products. Xgaming means: Durable, Beautiful, Usable. We stand by these words, and we’re still here after 20+ years, while our competitors and barbie-doll-plastic-arcade products fill the landfills of the world. X-Arcade is still going. And going. And going.

        So, our customers have been raving about Glen’s Retro Show and their passionate support of the arcade community, so we’ve thrown away our design plans and are now proudly endorsing this spinner. Why? Because THOU IST damn good. How good? Damn good. So good we said it twice. And Glen is passionate, and the Thunderstick Studio team handling the production has sincerely impressed us with their attention to detail and imagination.

        We sound like a White House Press Secretary spinning and spinning. So what’s the catch? While your lips may be moist with excitement, stock is limited, so you’ll need to pre-order now and we’ll be shipping these in March.



        The Glen’s Retro Show Push & Pull Arcade Spinner oozes creative utility and performance with a high-quality aluminum structure, a premium hall effects sensor (what is Hall Effect and why is that cool?) that offers buttery smooth movements and lag-free response. While this is certainly an arcade spinner, think of it as an incredibly swift utility knife on your arcade project. ANY GAME that use mouse functionality can be controlled with this single hand/finger spinner. That means left/right OR up/down. The switchable X and Y axis mouse directions also offer you extra freedom to play in a way that suits your style. The only limits of its use are your imagination.

        Enjoy Tron™, Tempest™, Arkanoid™, Blasteroids ™, Wolf Pack™, Mad Planets™, 720 Degrees™, Aztarac™, Forgotten Worlds™, Kozmik Kroozr™, Crater Raider™, Wheel Of Fortune™, Victory™, Two Tigers™and more.

        Compatible with all your spinner-compatible arcade boards. It features a USB 2.0 interface and automatic software calibration to make it compatible with modern arcade game renditions and Arcade 1 Up setups too. Wondering if this will work with your game or setup? Any game, console or system which can use a USB mouse can work. If your Arcade1UP machine has as board that allows a USB mouse to control gameplay, it can work. You can test by plugging whatever USB mouse you have sitting nearby and trying to configure your gameplay to use THAT existing USB Mouse. If it works, this spinner would be setup the same way. It’s a USB mouse, no fancy software or drivers, this simple design ensures maximum compatibility. If you can configure your Mister™ to use USB mouse for game, it will work! Does not work with the illegal and unlicensed Pandora's box systems unless you can configure gameplay to use a USB mouse

        Why Now?

        Everything’s a mess right now, chaos seems to be the flavor. So, we’re thinking some control would be helpful. With this spinner, you can definitely control the left or right movements of the mouse in your game. And if you push and pull on the spinner, your computer will think you pressed the left or right button on the mouse. We imagine this simple feedback will be good for your brain and entertain you, hopefully bringing some respite from the maddening hell and chaos which is our existence in 2022. Ok, it’s just a spinner. Our marketing department must justify its existence.

      • How To Install In Your X-Arcade

        How hard is this to install? You’ll need open up your X-Arcade Machine or Joystick, plug it in, might take 10 or so minutes, then you’ll need to be creative about how to get the cable out to your computer since the X-Arcade was not designed to have more cables coming out the back! That likely means drilling a tiny hole out the back. We’ll include some helpful hardware to make as easy as possible! If you are using an X-Arcade from us from 2001 when we started, thanks for your business and support. This spinner will drop-in and work with that X-Arcade. It will also work with any USB computer or device that can play a game with a USB mouse, but we’re here to support our existing X-Arcade customers, so that’s what we’re talking about.

      • Dimensions

        Drops into 28MM Arcade Button

        Retail Box: INCHES: 8.54 x *5.7 x 2.44 : 1LB

      • Glen's Retro Show Push & Pull Arcade Spinner™

        • Plug And Play USB 2.0 Mouse With Left/Right Mouse Click Functions
        • 100% Compatible With MAME™, Emulation
        • Replaces Any 28MM Arcade Button Or Drill A 28MM Hole
        • Spinner Functions As A Standard 2 Button Mouse
        • How Do I Know If It Work? It’s A USB Mouse, Test Your Game Or Device With Any USB Mouse, If You Can Setup/Configure/Use, This Spinner Will Do The Same
        • Engineering By Thunderstick Studios
      • What's Included

        • Glen's Retro Show Push & Pull Arcade Spinner™
        • One Year Warranty>
        • Online Technical Support
        • 100% Compatible With Any Operating System (XP, Vista, Mac™, WIN 7, WIN10,Unix, Linux, PI etc)
        • Spinner operational with any mouse-supported game.
        • 2 Extra Arcade Buttons If You Want To Have Separate Functions For Push/Pull Mouse Buttons
        • USB Cable
      • One Year Warranty

        Xgaming controllers feature a lifetime warranty, since this is a special endorsed bundle we are selling, the warranty from Glen’s Retro Show is one year. That’s probably smarter, we don’t know what we were thinking 20 years ago when we said lifetime, but we’re sticking by it.

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