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X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit
X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit

X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit

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X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit If you have a first-generation X-Arcade Joystick with Keyboard PS/2 support, this kit allows you to upgrade to the most current release of our X-Arcade Electronics and add USB functionality. We have discontinued the previous solution of a USB Adapter and instead provide the same USB PCB featured in all current generation X-Arcade Joysticks. New: X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit Photo $69.95 Upgrade To Current Generation X-Arcade Electronics! The first generation X-Arcade Joysticks only provided support for Keyboard PS/2 connections. With the evolution of the computer industry, these ports have been phased out and most devices connect simply via USB on desktops and laptops. 2nd generation X-Arcade Joysticks made the switch and feature both Keyboard PS/2 and USB support, but this it allows you to upgrade your existing X-Arcade to also add USB support. Works With All Previous, Current And Future X-Arcade Adapter Versions The bundle includes both PCB and the USB Cable. You will need to pop open the bottom of the X-Arcade, disconnect the jumper cables from old PCB and replace. The entire process should take about 10 min and requires little or no technical experience. Whats Included  
  • X-Arcade™ BYO Upgrade PCB
  • PS/2 Keyboard And USB Dongle
  • Connect Via PS/2 or USB (Includes cables)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
How do I replace the PCB board in the X-Arcade™? Remove base of X-Arcade by unscrewing the screws on the base of the unit, then carefully using a instrument such as a butter knife remove the base of the unit. PCB Cable replacement procedure:
  • Remove the two white molex connectors from the PCB by simply pulling them off carefully.
  • Using a screwdriver or similar, punch the black wire clip from the inside of the controller, outward.
  • Replace the cable in the wire clip with the new one, and press the wire clip firmly back in place.
  • Reconnect the two molex connectors in their respective plugs on the PCB.
If you removed more than one jumper at once and aren't sure where to put them back, check out the schematic diagram below for proper placement: