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X-Arcade Jamma Adapter Coming Soon!

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Use Any X-Arcade With Your Jamma PCB!

Inject the indestructible X-Arcade experience into standard JAMMA PCBs for the most authentic arcade experience imaginable.  Includes everything you need to connect a 2-Player X-Arcade to your Jamma PCB using an EXTERNAL X-ARCADE ADAPTER. No need for complicated wiring, just plug this adapter into your X-Arcade and slide in your Jamma PCB.  Fully-programmable with 4 modes to map keys for different Jamma PCB layouts.

Turn Any X-Arcade™ Into a Supergun

You can use the X-Arcade as a complete self-contained Supergun Jamma arcade system by connecting to a single or multi-game Jamma PCB.  Tested with many of the most popular Jamma PCBs and even unofficial multi-game PCBS like 60-in-1.