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X-Arcade Switch Box

X-Arcade Switch Box

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X-Arcade Switch Box:

Change Between 4 Systems (Includes 3 Game Console Cables) Control Multiple X-Arcade Adapters Your X-Arcade connection for computer or game console use requires a serial DB-9 connection. This device allows you to connect the single DB-9 output to a box which can then connect to multiple game system adapters or computer + game system adapters. You will need a serial cable or X-Arcade USB Cable for each device.   Your X-Arcade "Game Console and Computer" cables use a standard DB9 MALE-MALE serial cable.   If you own multiple X-Arcade Game Console/Computer adapters and/or are using your X-Arcade in an arcade machine, this device will allow you to connect your X-Arcade to 4 adapters, or 3 adapters and 1 computer. On the front of the switch box, you can change between each adapter/computer. Includes (3) Serial Cables:

  1. Connect included serial cable between X-Arcade and Switch Box
  1. Connect other (2) included serial cables to the output of switch box, then to (2) different game system adapters