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X-Arcade Tankstick MAX
X-Arcade Tankstick MAX
X-Arcade Tankstick MAX
X-Arcade Tankstick MAX
X-Arcade Tankstick MAX
X-Arcade Tankstick MAX

X-Arcade Tankstick MAX

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$18.50 shipped Australia Wide

  • X-Arcade Tankstick™ MAX
  • X-New RED LED BUTTON (Configured For Mouse 3 Function)
  • Includes Free USB Cable and Keyboard PS/2(controller only) For Any Computer
  • Purchase Game Adapters Separately
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Compatible With Any Operating System (WIN11, WIN10,XP, Vista, Mac™, Unix, Linux, etc)
  • Dual Joystick + Buttons Work With Existing X-Arcade Adapters
  • Trackball operational with any mouse-supported game
  • 2 Industrial Grade Spinners Combo functions as a mouse device for all spinner games


This new version has a special added function on the top right corner of your Tankstick which can be configured as EXIT in MAME or your emulator.

Includes built-in, brand new Zerolag Trimode Upgrade Kit.


If you'd like to connect this unit to your HDTV for classic arcade gaming, it works out of the box via USB with any computer. If your computer doesn't connect to your HDTV, you can buy a simple off-the-shelf $60 Raspberry PI 3 computer (Connect Your X-Arcade To Your HDTV) Easy to setup as the X-Arcade Joysticks work out of the box via USB (2 Needed If Trackball and Spinner Connected) See Raspberry PI software setup info here.. You can also just connect to your existing computer or any game system.


The Industrial-Grade 3™ Trackball located in the center of your Tankstick™ separates this controller from the Dual Joystick and allows you to control thousands of classic arcade games. Since it's recognized as a standard mouse--you can also enhance any of your favorite games that support a mouse, with no drivers or software required. with an indestructible arcade trackball ripped from a standup arcade machine! It's like having your own personal time machine with guaranteed fun for the entire family!

Featuring a pair of recently developed, top-notch arcade spinners, these spinners, created with the same dedication to excellence and performance, provide unmatched precision in games requiring precise adjustments, making this controller the ultimate tool for both traditional and modern gaming enthusiasts.


After hours and hours of extensive playtesting, we've compiled a list of the best PC, MAC™ and console games to optimize with your X-Arcade Tankstick™. Use these great games with our hardware to create a truly enjoyable gaming experience.

If you've played a game you think would work great with our X-Arcade Tankstick™, please let us know so we can test it out to determine if we should share the love. Find a cool game, email us and we'll add to this list.

100% Compatible With Golf Games Like Tiger Woods™ Online

Official Site For Tiger Woods Online

Trackball will work with any game which supports a mouse!

Online Playable Flash Games

MAME Trackball Games

*Visit our Arcade Center for directions on using MAME

MAME Spinner Games

  • Tempest - A pioneering vector graphics game where players navigate a spacecraft along the edge of a geometric landscape, shooting enemies approaching from the center.
  • Arkanoid - A breakout clone that uses a spinner to move the paddle horizontally across the bottom of the screen, breaking bricks and collecting power-ups.
  • Breakout - The original brick-breaking game that inspired many clones, requiring precise control to keep the ball in play and clear the screen.
  • Pong - The classic table tennis-themed game, where players use the spinner to move their paddle vertically to hit the ball back and forth.
  • Super Breakout - An enhanced version of Breakout with additional game modes and increased difficulty, requiring finer control.
  • Blasteroids - An update to the Asteroids franchise, where players navigate and shoot in a multidirectional space environment, using spinners for rotation and navigation.
  • Kaboom! - Although originally released for consoles with paddle controllers, in its arcade emulation form, the spinner is used to catch bombs dropped by the "Mad Bomber".
  • Circus Atari - Players use the spinner to move a teeter-totter back and forth, bouncing clowns in the air to pop balloons.
  • Warlords - A game where players control shields to protect their castle corners from a bouncing ball, using spinners for shield movement.
  • Tron - The spinner makes many of the mini-games in Tron even more fun! Although it's not used in the light cycle game, the spinner does make games like the Tron I/O Tower, MCP Cone, and Battle Tanks more exciting and precise.

PC Games

Mac™ Games

Downloadable PC Golf Demos


TOP: 73cm X 33cm

BASE: 64.77cm X 26.03cm