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X-Arcade XBox360 adapter bundle
X-Arcade XBox360 adapter bundle

X-Arcade XBox360 adapter bundle

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Xbox 360 Adapter FOR 2 PLAYERS! Inject the Indestructible X-Arcade experience into your Xbox 360™ to relive arcade legends, fighting and Xbox™ Live classics with the unmatched precision of the award-winning X-Arcade™ Joystick. Includes everything you need to connect a 2-Player X-Arcade to your Xbox 360. Use Any X-Arcade™ On Your Xbox 360™ Play your favorite fighting titles and classic arcade games with lighting-fast precision. Annihilate the competition off and online with a lag-free, high-performance adapter. Connect a 2-Player X-Arcade to your Xbox 360 X-Arcade™ 360 Adapter Requirements (1) Xbox 360™ Adapter Per Player: (1) X-Arcade™ Playstation 2™ Adapter (Supports 1 or 2 Players) X-Arcade™ Game Controller (Solo, Dual, Tankstick, Machine) Specifications Wireless Game Controllers are not supported in any capacity This new version DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY 360 GAMEPAD TO BE CONNECTED Requires one adapter and one Playstation 2 adapter Adapter may also be used to convert a standard Playstation 2 game controller to control Xbox 360™ titles. What's Included
  • Retail Playstation 2 to Xbox 360 Adapter™ x 2
  • PS2 Adapter
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Why must you connect with Playstation 2™ Adapter? We apologize for this complicated workaround requiring a Playstation 2™ adapter, but Microsoft is legally prohibiting many third-party companies from creating a directly supported device.